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Netball in Bayton

Match Report 16.10.17 Written by Martha

Yesterday, the Bayton Netball team played against Clee Hill Crystals in the Cleobury Mortimer Junior Netball team. It was a fast and furious match but only went into Bayton possession once in total in the second half.  It was slightly disappointing as the final score was 7-0 to the Clee Hill Crystals but there’s always space for improvement.

It was a high fives game which means only five players are allowed on the pitch at a time. The players were Abbie Wilks, Amelia Jones, Annabel Barnes, Elliot Smith and Martha Evans.  This meant there were no subs and we had to play all the time.

Bayton Netball team’s next match will be on 30th October at 5:15 against Clee Hill Sapphires.  We hope that we will get a better result but in the meantime we will complain about Cleobury’s rubbish netball lines!